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Yesterday I received an e-mail from 1888PetsLife stating that my order of 11-04-09 had been shipped. I had NOT placed an order and had not ordered from this company since July 2008, after I found a cheaper supplier. After a long series of e-mails, they agreed to cancel the order, which I had NOT made, but refuse to explain how the error occurred or why they gave me incorrect dates and prices of my previous 3 orders (the last one over 16 months ago). They state that I had agreed to have automated refills. Are they crazy? A refill every 16 months, when I have 12 dogs and use at least a 6 pack of Advantage every month, not including foster dogs from the pound? Customer Service also refuses to give me the name and e-mail address of their CEO. Beware of this company, which is apparently scamming customers by sending unrequested automated refills. Adding insult to injury, this morning I received another e-mail stating that my order of 07-11-08 – 2008, mind you! – had just shipped. They must have luck with this scam with customers who don’t pay much attention to their orders or their credit card charges. If you want to order any pet flea meds at a fair price from a reputable company, I recommend Joes Pet meds. I have used them for over a year and found them to be the cheapest and most reliable, after trying many others.

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