#1 Car Wash Fremont CA


Complaint: I drove my compact size car, and drove by the #1 Car Wash shop one day morning, and I asked for the stuff how much would it cost if I want a detail and interior wash for my car. The lady said $150 total. I asked for her boss and she wasn’t there at the moment, but the lady asked a car wash guy call her boss cell phone instead. For a moment, her boss was on the phone, and she gave me the phone and I talked to her boss. After negotiating, I accepted the interior wash only, and I didn’t want my car detailed. So the boss told them to charge me $80 for washing the seats and carpets. It took only 5 minutes for them to do the job. Meanwhile, I saw that there was water coming out next to vacumn, and I thought they used soap. So I asked the lady whether they use the soap for solution or not. She said yes. But when I smelled the seats, strangely, no smell of any soap or solution. But the seats and carpet looked fine. So I just paid the credit card and left. I wonder if it worth 80 bucks to just have this kind of job done…Rip off.

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Address: 4200 Peralta Blvd. Fremont, California U.S.A.


Phone: 510-791-6119

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