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Complaint: These people have been scamming for years. They claim to be great stock market traders and teachers yet they are really not. What they fool you with is the we are all in this together mentallity while they take your money. Dont take my opinion about them do toehr research and you will see. The yrefuse to display or reveal how succcessful they are in trading and will not show any track receord. What , they teach I scan be gotten from many different websites and professionals for free. They say the y dont give trading advice but hey do on thier weekly webcast, which is against the law since they do not have a licence or qulaifactions to do so. These guys are not experts, thet are just a few hillbilles that could not make money trading so they turned to reading from a book on how to trade. Do a past history internet search using (way back machine) website and you will the same old talk they have been giving for years. As, you can see with thier history people have cauhgt on to thier lies and they have slowly went down,down hill. Save you money and dont be conned by the Jermey’s. They need to be reported again , and again till they get shut down. Notice, they will not even display

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Address: 330 Franklin Rd, 135A-407 Brentwood, Tennessee United States

Website: tradesmartu.com/


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