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Complaint: Forrest Blackburn and Russell Wallace have a proven track record of scam. 29 prime is now the 4th company name of the SEO ripoffs. They started out taking customers money and screwing their employees at Reliable Listing. From their they decided to start clean so they shut down operation and opened under ilocal sem. Russell decided that after not paying any of his employees their commissions, he would keep the funds himself and again reopen with the name your local merchant. YLM was operating for about 10 months as they continued to scammed the market while having Forrest as nothing more than a sales closer! Russell, with his lack of experience in business, didn’t look ahead to see that not servicing clients was going to result in several customers charging back which resulted in Russell losing his merchant account with his bank. Once the inexperienced Russell Wallace was blindsided by this karma of taking customers money under false promises, he now had no money to pay his reps and employees. Russell once again shut down operations with a midnight move with the hopes of getting away once again. With all the horrible press formulating on the internet, Russell was now on a mission to get it right this time. Russell would now name the operation 29 prime. This man preys on small to medium size business owners in promising them more business by advertising on Google. Every SEO company that Russell has owned and been a part of has not only made terrible press on the Internet but ruined many individuals lives! Please educate yourselves and lookup these companies and see the many scams Russell has put people through. It’s very obvious that someone who is changing their company name 4 times over the course of almost 4 total years they have been in operation, that something is not right!! Please go on and check these companies out…Russell has never had success of getting clients front page. The proof is from all the customer complaints online under the different names and again having to change your name once a year!! Russell and his so called SEO companies are nothing more than a scam telemarketing operation that clearly lack any kind of integrity or values. This is not a competitor or someone who is just upset so they decide to get back at someone. This is an individual who is speaking FACT. Again the track record of Russell and his telemarketing companies speak for itself online. Buyer beware before being sold because I promise you Forrest has a gift to gab and if your not savoy, he will paint an incredible picture on why you are going to give him a set up fee and your monthly fee. As 29 prime says: front page or it’s free…yeah after their timeframe to get you their and collecting a couple of months out of you, that you have signed in an agreement…Of course it’s free cause you will want to cancel and no longer be charged after seeing nothing done and now you will have to hassle with your credit card company on getting your money back yet they got you on the agreement you signed. If you can’t see that this clearly bad business practice, I guess you will fall victim and learn a valuable lesson. Anyone who would continue to not pay their employees and need to change the company name on a consistent basis, needs to be reported as they have already and eventually they wont be able to run. I know it sounds far off but the Attorney Generals will respond with a not so pleasant knock at the door. Take your time, there are companies out there that can mange your online marketing without being a fly by night.

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Address: 2233 West balboa blvd. Internet United States of America

Website: www.29prime.com/


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