317 Smith Street-Rik Holliday Grapevine Texas


Complaint: This apartment is a nightmare. If you LOVE camping you might like living here. The apartment is not up to code by any means and the City of Grapevine is not concerned. The landlord is currently breaking at least 10 inspection and code laws, when we moved in this number was much higher. The violations currently include: unlawful and unpermitted plumbing, the electric is not up to code, there are holes in the foundation, allowing insects, roaches, and mice into the property, the property is full of mold, there is no heating or air conditioning in 1/3 of the building, there is no ventilation in the bathroom, and the landlord stores building materials, molding attic insulation, on the property. The city is aware of all of these violations and they do not plan to enforce the code. The home is full of mold and roaches, it is so gross. The house has no insulation so the temperature inside is about 10 degrees different than outside, very fun when it is 110 degrees or 20 degrees. The landlord, Rik Holliday, is a slumlord, he will threaten you and make your life hell if you try to get normal maintenance done or the property up to code. The house is a danger and should not be lived in.

Tags: Landlords

Address: 317 Smith Street Grapevine, Texas United States of America


Phone: 214-676-3509

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