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Complaint: Mechanics made improper aftermarket installations onto a brand new vehicles engine clogging the motors pick-up oil filter screen in the oil pan with installation silicone. This caused the vehicle to severley overheat and detonate severly damaging the vehicle with only 6,000 miles. THe manager refused to ground the vehicle at the aftermarket manufactures request and provide the customer with a rental vehicle. Company sales representatives committed massive FRAUD against auto manufactures by installing non-calibrated (zero mile)odometers in vehicles who had been over their milage on LEASES and vehicles who had run out of FACTORY WARRANTIES. In addition, company representatives used pressure of speech tactics, made product misrepresentations, and engaged in flat out lies to make sales. The store manager sold products that were not compatible with my vehicle and then violated the 30 day California State Law return policy. 4 Wheel Parts/Trans American Auto Parts has an “Unsatisfactory Record”” with the Better Business Bureau whenit comes to answering consumer complaints. If an “”Improper Installation”” has been made on your vehicle and/or other unacceptible business practice has occured

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Address: you may wish to contact the following agencies set up to help you: Bureau of Automotive Repair Sacramento El Monte Riverside 400 R St

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