4Star Getaways New York New York Review


This company cold called me back in April of this Year offering me 3 vacation packages for $375 pp. ou had to buy 2 and you were allowed to bring 2 guests on every trip. So, Essentially, $750 for a 4 person vacation. nI was skeptical as anyone would be when approached with a ” too good to be true”” offer. They told me that I was recommended as a Mastercard Preffered Customer and thats why I was getting such a good deal. This was really the only reason why I continued.n ** in hindsight

I wish I did a little more digging into the company before stupidly pulling out my credit card nThey use the good name of Mastercard to induce the sale of their product. The fact that this contract was initiated under fase pretenses makes it null and void. nPlease beware. This company is not in any way affiliated with any credit card agency. They purchase information on people illegally and sell you a product that does not exist. If they call you hang up immediately. You will likely be called by this number which you cant call back 207-492-2649.n—– —– —- —-nThe package was $750 and included 3 trips I could complete at my own pace and even gift them to others. I signed up and they sent me my package of materials to sign and an intro video in the mail. After I faxed it in i was told I could start booking. I recently called in and it became apparent I was dealing with a scam. Every time I would call within the business hours the call would drop or it would ask to leave a message and I left numerous messages and no one ever got back to me. I submitted an onlione email through their website requesting a cancellation. It wasnt until a week later of repeated attempts that I finally reached someone. I attempted to book a reservation (after a rude representative previously told me I could not cancel because I signed a contract and hung up on me.) This was within the contract term period. nWhen I went along and tried to book a trip

thinking I was out of options

that was when I was forced to sign an extension form that would not allow me to cancel. This seemed a bit odd seeing as how I have 1 yr to use the trips and it was only a month after I paid for the package. They’re trying to force me into an agreement to take a fake trip and bind me into a new contract. I have already signed the initial contract and should be able to receive the services. Now they’re refusing to provide me with the services unless I sign their new typo riddled extension form to bimd me into their fraudulent contract. I told them to just book the reservation and that it should be at the disgression of the customer as to whether an extension will be filed. Theyt said no. No reservation will be made until I file the extension. nAfter arguing with various representatives they decided to help me book a trip. Why bother right? Exactly. I wanted to go on a bahamas cruise. Which would cost anothe $199pp for port fees. Somehow I was charged for port fees immediately when no trip had been booked

no itinerary reserved. I had to keep calling them before they finally told me that the dates i wanted were booked. Well if that were the case then why are you charging me port fees. Who are these “”port fees”” going to. I called the company Celebration Cruises who they use for their Bahamas cruise trips and spoke witha representative there. There is absolutely NO PORT FEE incurred with a reservation with them. I could book a trip on my own for less an not incur these fees. nAfter more investigation

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