Think about it? Why would I want to be in a business that the products they sell can be easily purchase by the customer through a little research and buy directly with the provider. Why do the customer needs a middleman? For example, 5Links sells a security system call Protect America. If you go to the Protect America web site or call them, the customer can order and purchase the security system. As far as I know 5Link does not have exclusivity. That is why more and more people don’t make any money with a poor business plan like this. Think about it? Is like selling something that is already on the shelves of your regular market. And taking your money is why they are still in business. And is why people call it a scam. And word of advice check it out for yourself. Check the products. Another word of advice, be weary that anybody can write good reviews with multiple accounts, specially if you are the owner of the company. Remember the true story book The Wolf of Wall Sreet and later the movie. Really. I did not need to describe much above. Only stating why would any body wants to sell something that the consumer can obtain directly with the “factory”. For example, Protecting America security, just to mention one example of many. Also the consumer can go to the 5link website an order and the person doing the hardwork work by placing flyers or door to door don’t get the guaranty that he will get the commission if the consumer does not acknowledge him/her. But this is in addition. Like I said before, what is the “you work hard and you get paid”, if the seller does not have an original product to sell.

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