6th planet auto parts inc. Phoenix AZ.


Complaint: I sent a money order for$ 147.50 to 6th planet used saturn parts Inc. . But now is called 6th planet used parts inc. For a cruse control kit for my 1999 saturn sc2 .When i recieved it on the 27th of dec. 2001 the strap that conects the CC. to the throdle was visibley broken half way up it. I emailed them abuut the problem,they emailed back stateing that i was a nastey, bitter, Dickhead,and to send it back and upon their inspection they would exchange it.But no refunds. So i mailed it back exactly the way i got it, and a letter apologeseing if there was any misunderstanding. I got the same parts back from them by mail except this time the CC. box with the strap that conects to the throdle linkege was cut at the base of the CC box.And they sent me a letter saying that they cannot refund my money because it was In their opion shiped undamaged and they think now it was damaged during instlation alegedly and it was not damaged during shiping. And they would sell me another CC box for $75.00 . My grilfriend then emailed them about it, To get a response saying that I was A lier and she was trying to imbesle them and her creitabllty stinks! Douglas Phoenix, AZ

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Address: PO box 100 Nationwide U.S.A.


Phone: 941-336-7100

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