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BEWARE OF 7040 COLONIAL ROADTo whom it may concern,nThis letter is to all future tenants, possible future tenants, and anyone else looking for an apartment in this area. I feel it is only right to forewarn all parties of the building residing at 7040 Colonial Road run by the Parlanti Family. It is heartbreaking to see family after family,or person after person, move into this building to find out when it is too late about the horrible living conditions of this facility. As a former tenant who recently moved out, I feel it is onlyfair to let people know what they are getting into before they are out of money and stuck in a bad situation. These problems werent just in my apartment, but nearly every apartment of everyone I knew in the building, one womans ceiling was collapsed in her kitchen for months. It was a constant fight between Roy Parlanti (or his father Salvatore) and the tenants, the familythat runs this building is the true definition of a slum landlord. They over charge for run downroach infested apartments which is a shame because if taken care of properly, they could be very nice. The following are just some of the issues that plague this place of residence.n* Roach Infestationn* Leaking ceilings in multiple apartmentsn* A landlord who runs the building from a home in Staten Island who can never be reached. Not by cell or by office phone.n* An LLC that claims their office is located in the building when no such office exists.n* Repairs rarely made. If done, done poorly and cheapn* A broken lock on the main door to the building allowing anyone in at any timen* Doorbells that dont work in the rainn* A leaking vestibulen* A basement (accessible only by elevator) that they lock at night which is the only way to the garbage and recycling, forcing disgruntled tenants to leave their garbage in the hallways (for days sometimes) worsening the roach situationn* An elevator that breaks weekly forcing tenants (even wheelchair bound) to walk all six floors and again, no access to the garbagen* Mold surrounding leaks * Water shut off without noticen* Bed bugsn* Poorly sealed windows allowing water and cold during wintern* Many broken and missing screensn* Apartments exceeding maximum occupancy by 4 or 5 extra people.n* Washer that often breaks halfway through cycle and floods clothing. Leaving you with sopping wet laundry and nothing to do with it.n* Notices from the gas company received more then once stating the landlord is behind thousands of dollars on the bill and they are shutting it off. This means you would have no heat or hot water.n* Little to no heat or hot water multiple days a week in the winter.n* Garbage strewed around outside of building bringing ratsn* A super you cant get a hold of which is concerning when there is an emergency. She doesnt answer her phone and has locked off her entire side of the building as well as behind the building.n* Constant visits from fire department as well as inspectors due to various violations.nnThese are just some of the constant daily problems, from minor to major, that exist at 7040 Colonial Road. I am unsure how this building has been able to continue to be run like this without the city stepping in but I feel its time to let people know the truth. There wasnt a person I knew at the residence that didnt say if they knew what really went on and what a nightmare it wasthey would have never moved in. The rent continues to go up as the conditions continue to get worse. I wouldnt ever try to interfere with someones lively hood but for the price they are getting for these apartments and for the beautiful house they reside in themselves they should give theirtenants better living conditions. I am just doing what I wish someone did for me before I ever moved into such a disastrous place. I hope no one else makes the same mistake and you find a moresuitable place to live.

1053 Arden Avenue, Staten Island, NY 10312 Brooklyn, New York United States of America


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