76 union oil gas station


76 union oil gas station 15410 ventura blvd, sherman oaks. ventura blvd and the 405 fwy. propane tank ripoff fraud. sherman oaks California!!. i went to get my 5 gallon propane tank filled. they said it is 20.77 when empty. i opened the propane tank to make sure it was empty. the attendent picked up the tank and also verifeied that it was empty. the attendent put in 1 gallon and said it was now full. i said it took 1 gallon. attendant said sorry sir its full. i said you only put in one gallon. attendant said that was all it needed. i asked if they had a scale and the attendent said no. i went to the cashier and he said i owe $20.77. i informed him that i only got one gallon. cashiier said mininum is $20.77. cashier and i got into a big argument and the manager came out. i said not fair to charge 5 gallons when i only got one gallon. i also said that the tank still seems empty, do you have a scale. cashier and manager both said no. they were getting very hostile as so was i. i paid the $20.77 for the gas and and asked for a receipt and they said they don’t give out receipts for propane. but i noticed the attendent did right down the propane meter before and after the filling. it looked like a 5 or 6 didget number with the last number only being inreased by one gallon. not 5. so, we have here a fraud by not having weights and measures available and also not giving out receipts.

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