911 Outfitters Fresno California


Complaint: I contacted this company to place and oreder for a couple of Phazzer Enforcer holsters (similar to Taser’s). Owner Bryan, told me to send them an email with my request for product. That I would be contacted withing 24 hours. So, I did. This was on a Wednesday. I did not hear from them. I called Friday evening and got no answer. I called over the weekend and still no answer. So, Monday morning, i called. When I spoke to the manager, Kevin, he stated that they never received my email, which was a lie. So, I sent another one. I csalled 2 hours later to confirm that they received it. Kevin tyold me that a sales rep would call me within a couple of hours. By the end of the day, no call. Teusday, no call. Wednesday, no call. So I called Wednesday night. No answer. I called again this morning (Thursday) over one week later. The owner, Bryan answers and statrts yelling at me. tells me he is cancelling my order and to go f**k myself. Then hangs up before I can respond. This is a company that should not be in business. It is obvious thyat all they do is screw their customers over. They have the worst communication. They have poor attitudes and it is obvious that these kind of poeple will rip you off. if you do business with them, you will get what you deserve. DON”T TRUST THESE IDIOTS. I am just glad I didn’t give them any of my money or credit card info. I would have been in a legal battle for sure.”

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Address: 2936 S. York St. Suite 4 Muskogee, Oklahoma United States

Website: 911outfittersllc.com/

Phone: 1-888-259-1116

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