A + Appliance Repair Charlotte North Carolina Review


A + Appliance Repair was called because they were listed as one of only two companies that came up as local repair service for JennAir. The web site certainly looked like a ligitimate appliance repair service. The repair was scheduled for the next day, 6/7/13, with a window for service. I stayed at the house for 2 hrs beyond the window and the repairman finally showed. He needed a part which required prepay of $300.00. I gave cash. Numerous calls the following week finally brought the repairman back with the part for installation and another check for $125.00 for labor. $425.00 and the JennAir is not fixed at all. Does the same as before the service. Numerous calls now are not even answered. The two phone numbers given for the company are dead. The web site is no longer active. No way to contact them. The email on the invoice is invalid. We can only conclude that they are Scam Artists and make their living in this manner. We have since learned that the person to whom the check was made, Crystal Spear, does scam for a living and has moved to Charlotte from Greensboro, NC for new victims. Do not ever call this service as they are not even a ligitimate company.

Charlotte, North Carolina USA



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