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A Auto Repair Auto Repair of Houston Deceptive Auto Practices and False Repairs Houston Texas!!. On November 4, 2019 I placed my vehicle in the care of A Auto Repair Shop. The previous day I spoke with a receptionist who quoted 300.00 to pay for the replacement of the water pump on my Ford Fusion. Later, Mr. Magic, shop owner, informed me that the repairs would be started, but sent me pictures of something he described as oil mixing with water. When I visited the shop to sign the repait order, the price had gone up to nearly 3,000.00. He guaranteed me I would be pleased with the work completed and that I could finance the charges. Two weeks later Magic informed me over text that I needed to come in to make a payment. I specifically asked if the car would be released to me if it was finished, and If I could still finance the remaining balance. He answered yes. When I arrived, I paid 900.00 towards the balance. Once the payment was collected, he looks at me and says, I cant release the car to you and I cant finance it. I was stuck without transportation. My credit union paid the fees to have the vehicle released, because he filed a mechanics lien on the car. I ended up having to pay the balance to my credit union. When I completed the payments to the credit union a few days ago, the vehicle was not driveable. It stalled as it did before I put it in the shop. It shakes badly, and the check engine light is on. Magic claims they did no engine work, but he said had to replace head gaskets, water pump, radiator etc. According to Ford, in order to replace the water pump on that vehicle, the mechanic must know what they are doing because the entite engine has to be removed and put back in due to how the car is built. It is recommended that the vehicle is serviced by a Ford shop. Magic denies having done any engine work. Do not take your vehicle to this shop. It is not the best place. I later found multiple complaints about the facility for the same reasons.

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