A & E Factory Service Newark Valley New York Review


Be sure to ask who will be covering your warranty. A&E Warranty Repair Service was a NIGHTMARE to deal with. Wish we never bought a warranty. Was not worth it. We called A&E for a washing machine repair. They scheduled it for 5 days later. Repair guy came, stayed 20 minutes and when my husband asked “Want to put a load of laundry in and make sure it works?”” The guy said “”No it’s fine”” and left. I immediately tried washing a load and very quickly saw it had the same problem we called them out to fix! We spent from 11 am until 5 pm that day on the phone with A&E calling over and over. Kept getting put on hold



and hung up on. Between myself and my husband we attempted calling over 30 times that day. We kept asking for a supervisor

and then kept getting hung up on or disconnected over and over. Next morning spent an entire hour on the phone AGAIN to get someone out here to do the job right that was not done the first time. They kept telling us we would have to wait ANOTHER 5 days to see a repair guy again. We paid for this service

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