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Near the end of November 2010 I contacted Robin Menard (aka Robin Morgan, Robin Morgan Menard) regarding couple counselling. My husband and I have been married 15 years and have an amazing marriage, however, communication had withered a bit. nBelow: Robin Menard sent this email to me December 5, 2010. This email is a complete fabrication that destroys credibilty and integrity for which the “counselling couple”” claim to have as 1) it turns out that at the time Mrs. Menard sent the email she had been married for 1 and half years and not 2 and half years as she claimed (married 1 and half years! Are they kidding

they have been married 1 and half years and profess the audacity to give others advice about being married? Narcissim at it’s best? The ego! Sorry

but it doesn’t matter how many EFT classes you take

you might as well say that you are not married at all at this point because you don’t have a clue

goodness you are still deep in the honeymoon phase)as I learned they were married in the summer of 2009.Given that it is March 2011

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