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I am a 100% service-connected disabled veteran who has tried to supplement my small pension by selling solar power systems. On 4/14/15 I contracted with A+ Action Leads aka Tony Hedrick to provide me 30 live-transfer sales leads that I could try to make sales appointments with. I paid $1,050.00 for these 30 leads, with his verbal represntation that I would receive at least one live transfer call every other business day, based upon the list of zip codes that I provided him. For the first two weeks, I received a total of six calls, with a further four calls over the next two weeks. In the past two weeks I have received none. I have contacted him on numerous occasions to determine the cause of his non-performance and in every case he offered vaugue excuses. On 6/1/15 I contacted him again and asked for a partial refund of the money I paid him and he refused, and became verbally abusive towards me. As others have remarked, the fact that A+ Action Leads refuseses to accept credit cards in payment form its services should have been a red flag. .

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