A Plus Auto Doctor Review


Discovery – 1/04/2019 – Replaced Water Pump and Timing Cover Gasket. | New Serpentine Belt installed was too tight. | Belt was installed contrary to factory routing specifications. | The belt was so tight, that the mechanic couldn’t get the belt completely on to the tensioner pulley. | Vehicle was released in that condition. | I went out and purchased a new belt from O’Reilly’s and went back to the shop. | When I arrived with the proper belt, two mechanics couldn’t remove the tight belt and had to cut it off. | I waited and waited for the mechanic to install the new belt; I finally had to install the new belt myself. | Disgusted, I left and went home. | A serpentine belt that is too tight will prematurely wear out the bearings in all the units that it is connected to. | Later that evening, I went out to eat and the van started to overheat. | I pulled over on the side of the road and called for assistance. 30 minutes later, I was given a ride to O’Reilly’s and purchased 3 gallons of Antifreeze for $42.71. It took a gallon and a half to fill it. The next day, it took another half gallon for a total of 2 gallons.


Name: A Plus Auto Doctor

Country: United States

State: Arizona

City: Mesa

Address: 7045 E Main St

Phone: 1 480-359-5814

Website: aplusautodoctor.com/

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