A PLUS NEMT Florida, LLC Review


If you’re looking for work DO NOT work for this A PLUS NEMT Florida, LLC who now goes by All American Driver. NEMT stands for Non Emergency Medical Transportation. Basically their 1099 driver transport ambulatory and medically indigent patients to appointments and then they invoice Medicare or Medicaid. This company is owned and operated by Marques Johnson. They operate out of a trailer park in Tampa Florida. Their address (again a trailer park) is 2422 E Emma Street, Tampa, FL  33610-6232. They pretend to be much bigger than they are using deceptive business practices. They have you come to a orientation and complete a payroll direct deposit form and then later tell you that they will mail you a paycheck for the first few weeks. Problem is the checks never some! They will not allow you to visit the offices because they have no offices. [continued below]….


Name: A PLUS NEMT Florida, LLC

Country: United States

State: Florida

City: Tampa

Address: 2422 E EMMA ST

Phone: 813-585-2486


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