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A+ Precision Automotive, LLC Aaron J. Feisthamme Precision AutoPrecision Auto and Tire Pros Dishonest, Unprofessional, Fraud Oconomowoc Wisconsin!!. Around September 2016, we dropped a Toyota Truck off at Precision and specifically told them we were in no rush to see if they could get it running. We also had a business relationship with them as well, as we Own J&J Towing and Recovery and towed vehicles into their repair facility. Aout 4 onths after the truck was sitting there we towed 2 illegally parked vehicles from a apartment complex that ended up being a employee of Aarons vehicles. The employee signed a promise to pay for the vehicles and removed them from our impound lot offering a deal on truck tires to settle the bill. Shortly after this, and not having been paid for the vehicles towed from private property illegally parked, Aaron sent us approx a $3400 storage bill for the Toyota truck we had brought there to see if they could get it running. t no time did we agree to paying storage, nor was there a posted storage rate at the shop. We contacted Aaron who said that since the truck was abandoned and never picked up he was charging us storage, and then admitted he was angry and frustrated about facebook messages between the two business owners, and that if we paid the diagnostic fee for a Dodge Journey )That we sold to him) we could pick the truck up. At no time did we have knowledge the truck had been touched, as we agree’d there was no rush. We then went to the business with the Town of Oconomowoc Police department to keep the peace while we removed the truck. Aaron refused to release the unrepaired truck because of the storage bill. When we did go and make attempt to just pay the diagnostic fee that we didn’t agree to just to settle the matter, Aaron refused to come to the front counter from inside the shop. In addition, we not have 3 unpaid invoices totaling approx $380 that are from vehicle we Towed in to Aarons shop at their requested and billed tp the shop. They have refused to make payment on these invoices, which they have collected Towing fee’s from the innocent civilians after the vehicles were repaired. This has become a game I feel, and very unprofessional. At one time, Aaron and I had talked on both a business and friend basis. I have not talked to Aaron in over a month due to the truck issue and holding it against agreements when it wasn’t even repairs, and the outstanding invoices he refuses to pay ever since the entirely seperate issue of TOwing Nick Eggers 2 vehicles illegally parked from private property.

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