A Touch of Class Auto Care


A Touch of Class Auto Care STAY CLEAR THEY BROKE MY CAR AND THEN YELLED AT ME! Poway California!!. I dropped off my car at the oil change garage and left it to have the oil changed and car washed. When I returned I paid for the car and went out to retrieve the car. I got in the car and was preparing to drive away when I notice that in the back seat behind the driver was the door to the gas cap/tank. I got out of the car and called over one of the workers who didn’t understand what I was telling him (did not speak English). I called over one of the managers who was walking across the lot and told him what happened. His ANGRY response was for me to not yell at him (we were standing at the opening to the car wash and it was loud). I tried to explain that I was not upset with the fact that door had blown off but not happy with the fact that I was not alerted to it and would be allowed to just drive off! He tells me that it didn’t happen from the car wash that it came in broken “just check the cameras”. Which I explained that it was not the case and if it was sitting in the back seat the whole time how was the door soaking wet. He spoke to one of the workers at that point and looked at the door. He then said that one of the workers had blown the door off and was scared and nervous and didn’t say anything and that he would instruct all other employees in the future to alert management. He said it was fixable and called a guy over who worked on it for about 15 minutes. Another manager arrived (Bashar) and him and I determined that it was not fixable. I was given a business card and told to email the “corporate office” and you would take care of the situation. I was not given a contact phone number only and card with a Gmail. I have been coming to you for the last 7 years! I currently bring my 3 cars to them for everything from oil changes to servicing to car washes and details. I have referred several friends and to them but yet I am still treated this way. I will never go back to them again. The managers were more worried about me not raising my voice than helping me fix my car. The only response I have gotten to 3 emails has been another claim that the car came in loose or broken and it wasn’t there fault but they offered to give me $100.00 of FREE CAR WASHES! Really??? You break my car with your car wash and your solution is to offer me more washes????

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