A vicious and evil dentist, my experience has been terrible!


She is a negligent professional who puts the dental health of her patients at risk. She doesn’t feel any guilt for the damage she inflicts on her patients. She is a horrible person at heart and is running a sham.

I had visited her clinic to get some cosmetic procedures done. Online, she has a strong presence. From the looks of her website and online reviews, I had gotten the idea she is a caring and responsible professional. I was mistaken. It was a huge mistake for me to visit her clinic and believe in her website and reviews. In reality, she is a b*tch who is so selfish that she’ll even damage your teeth so you’ll return to get more treatments done. When I had visited her clinic, she had suggested me to get 2 crowns. Crowns are costly, just so you know. But I trusted that b*tch and I can’t tell you how much I regret my decision. I got the crowns installed in my teeth but they didn’t last long. In fact, they fell down within 4 months. Crowns aren’t supposed to fall this quickly. You can google how long they should last and you’ll get the idea. When I told her that my dental crowns fell, she just told me that ‘they mustn’t be the perfect treatment, then’. It was almost as if she was doing some sort of experiment on me. She suggested me to get those dental caps re-installed. I was so foolish that I even considered her offer for a while. But a friend of mine suggested going someplace else and finding out if I really needed dental crowns. Those 2 dental caps had cost me over $2000 so you can understand what a big financial loss it was for me. Well, when I visited this other dentist, he told me that those crowns were unnecessary and harmful. They were damaging my teeth more than benefitting them. He recommended that crowns are not the right solution to my problem. He suggested getting veneers. Now, for a moment, I was shocked and confused. I had trusted Dr. Bork completely because I had thought she was a reliable profession. Who knew that she’d turn out to be a big, selfish and depraved b*tch? I went to her clinic to find out what her opinion was. She told me that the other dentist had lied to me and the crowns were the perfect treatment for my condition. Let me tell you, I had done some online research and I was certain that Dr. Bork was at fault here. She had scammed me for $2000 by giving me a useless treatment. And even after ripping me off, she tried to play it cool by acting all nice and friendly. I had asked her to issue me a refund for which, she refused. I’m never going to her clinic after what she did to me neither should you.

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