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If you attend a travel presentation by these people-run don’t walk away. We thought we were paying for a travel club for all of our immediate family members. After signing up-I called and emailed them about a vacation we were interested in taking. No response after multiple attempts. I then called Bank of America and opened dispute with them. After supplying them with all the information including the dates of my attempts at getting someone to call me back-they initially credited my account. At that point, I thought, OK this is all behind me. Not so fast-after almost 6 weeks, they called and said I was responsible for the charges and that they had reached them(no surprise there) and they saw no grounds for not paying. So now I’m on the hook for $5995 and absolutely nothing to show for it-These people are total scam artists and someone needs to start a class action lawsuit against them. This thing is a total scam-they provide NOTHING and you have no recourse-even when supllying your credit card company ample information against them-including all the posts on the internet. So many people are getting taken by these people-take a smart phone or tablet with you when attending their presentation and show them all the negative comments-maybe they’ll get the hint and crawl under what rock they crawled out from.

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