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AAA Fast Freight David Leyva AAA Fast Freight = Fraud! David Leyva = Thieve Lehigh Acres Florida!!. AAA Fast Freight/David Leyva was supposed to transport our 2 cars to CA from FL in one week maximum. I was going to go with another company, but he begged for my busniss so I felt bad and decided to go with him. At the end of the first week he told us he was in AZ and a day away. Then a week later his transmission was supposedly broken but he was coming, he was in Phoenix AZ. And then we didn’t hear from him anymore. Three weeks passed since our cars were being picked up and not delivered, we called and called the owner to find out any information and he never picked up. His VM was full and we couldn’t leave a message. Another phone was disconnected! We thought that the cars were stolen for sure, so we called the police and Onstar! Finally, after days of investigation they found him at his house and he admitted that he decided to close up shop and dropped off at least 8 cars in Fort Mayers, FL at a used car lot and decided not to tell anyone. Onstar located the cars in Ft. Mayers too. What pisses me off is that we payed him in full and he didn’t even have the decency to tell us where are cars were! Then we were left to deal with Pedro in Fort Mayers (used car lot/logistic services supposedly), send new drivers with the sheriff to find and pick up our cars and payed additional 500.00 on top of our 2300 transportation fee to his buddy Pedro for keeping our cars there! This guy from AAA Fast Freight is a fraud! I just found out there are about 35 cars involved all over the state! It’s a mess! He told some of the customers that he went bankrupt and doesn’t remember where he dropped off some of the cars. I’m just lucky I had onstar and the police helped. I don’t think this is his first time! This is how he makes his money! He tells people that he will transport their cars, he picks them up or sometimes a towing company picks them up, then we pay, he dumps the cars at the used car lots or sometimes the towing company just dumps them at their lots. This way he does a favor to the owner of these places so they can make quick 250 bucks per car when the car is located and we pick it up. He is happy making his big bucks for lying that he transports cars and the towing/used car guys are happy making easy 200-300 per car for keeping the cars there. But, not for long! I am in touch with the fraud department and I will make sure he is prosecuted! There has to be justice for the 35 people that are missing their cars!

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