AAA Insurance Roadside Assistance


AAA Insurance Roadside Assistance, AAA Road Service, AAA Insurance Company, Auto Club Broke down on a road trip in New Mexico.. .My AAA Tow agent demanded me to PAY $800 to be towed to nearest garage!! Washington District of Columbia!!. I was on a road trip from California to Texas. I was in my 1999 Chev Suburban. I was in the vicinity of Chaco Canyon, on the side of the freeway. A plastic valve that distributes coolant to the heater broke off. I lost all coolant. I called AAA, and after a long wait, I was told that the nearest garage was 40 miles away, and that it would cost me $800 for them to tow me! I said what happened to the “tow to the nearest garage” coverage they advertised? Complete indiference and lack of concern. I googled tow companies near me, and got a truck to show up for $200 from the town 40 miles away. It took 3 hours to arrive, and by then I had temporarily patched the problem with glue and duct tape. The tow operater followed me to the very next exit about 2 miles away, where the was an O’Riely’s auto parts store. He charged me the $200 anyway. I bought the part I needed, put it on, and went on my way…pissed as heck!! I complained to AAA and got the same indiference and lack of concern…. A year or two later, I got a promotional offer from them in the mail offering me a free card (nothing to do with my complaint)… I put it in the trash where it belongs! I have subsequently met several people with similar stories! BEWARE!!

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