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AAA Member Relations, Providence RENEGED ON PROVIDING NEW BATTERY Providence, Rhode Island!!. Aftr an absence of 3 months, when we returned, did not start the car (Toyoto Camry). The AAA battery truck came and the service provider said that the light had been on when he started the car and therefore surmized that is how the battery was drained and so the car did not start. He had no knowledge that the light comes on automatically with Camrys as in all Japanese made cars. His test indicated that the battery had little charge left, so the battery needed to be charged 8 to 10 hours in an auto repair shop and that it is our problem as to where to take and how to do it. No other explanation for battery drainage was given. Instead of replacing the battery, in my opinion, AAA tried to save money by blaming the problem on the drainage and low power so they need not replace the battery as warrantied. I left a message with AAA Member Relations complaining about my displeasure — They did not care about the complaint and did not respond. I then sent an email pointing out their lack of response and lack of concern about member relations! Almost a month later, I received an email from AAA stating that they are sorry that no one contacted me and that they would like to talk to me to resolve the issue. When I called and explained the complaint, the same answer was given. That the battery was drained low and charging the battery, once AAA started the car, was my responsibility. Since the battery was drained, it must be the car’s fault — nothing wrong with AAA’s service or their lack of “service recovery” in the face of a problem. Nothing was done — not even a sympathetic word that they were unable to take care of problems like this. I had already cancelled my membership after the incident, as a protest (the same day that it was renewed!) –they had no interest in me as a former member — no conciliatory word uttered in my interaction with them. Their main objective seemed to be that they do not have to honor their warranty relating to the battery. This is the type of service and unsympathetic response that I got from AAA, Providence — after all these years having been a member!

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