Aamco Transmission, Gainesville, FL


Michael the GM refussed to take responsiblity for a warr job, when his work was dead on the road about 300 miles from his shop. Wouldn’t pay a tow bill, wouldn’t stand behind his work to another AAMCO repair shop. Wanted the vehicle brought to one of the 4 stores he owned. (beware he has other stores) at the owners expense. The corporate office had to get involved and they deemed him responsible. After 4 days of fighting to get it covered. The store that has it now to be repaired stuck its neck out to get this covered as it should be. It is after all another AAMCO, and I hope that it will not have to pay any unjust repercusions for him standing up for the corp. name. This is supposedly the NEW owners from other posting and looks like the same sort of service. The owner of this store also owns Ocala, Daytona, and the last one I’m unsure of. The last name of the owner is Goldberg. If you can find the 4th please let others know that this is NOT a good place to be. This issue involved a female UF student trying to get an education to be a Dr. not just some kid playing around. I woud like to advise students, that are already in my eyes being taken advantage of, by houseing and other ways to watch out and get more than one opinion. and PLEASE stay far from this AAMCO, just because it has a BIG name doesn’t mean that the warr. is really covered nationwide. We used them thinking that it would be covered where ever she was, turns out that the store actually warr the work and is responsible for the repairs and costs should it happen at a diff. location the work has to be paid by the original store. very confussing and missleading. All I can say is LOOK OUT. Marlene Green Cove Springs, FloridaU.S.A.

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