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Aamco Transmission, Horrible Customer Service, Lies, Complete Waste of Time & Money Lake Forest California!!. If you like being lied to, learn the latest lines of BS, and you’re OK with wasting TONS of time….this is your place. For all others, I’d highly recommend that you stay away. I see several people have expressed their dissatisfaction on Yelp with this store and the service. Ironically, my experience was all but the same so no need to repeat the same story. Dave, the shop manager, lied several times and is just a piece of work. Mike Tanner, the owner, obviously allows Dave to do what he pleases. As I told Mike, Dave is a reflection on him and I have no idea how Dave is still employed there. I’ve had numerous conversations with Aamco corporate and even mailed the president, Brett Ponton in an attempt to get the warranty extended to another local Aamco location…but no such luck. The so called warranty that they include is only good at the location where you had the initial work done…regardless if you have issues and don’t trust the shop…like me and several others. It’s a one way ticket to keep going back to same location and deal with the same crap…unless you want to go 40 miles. Just know if you go here…add on at least a week from what the promise you, your car will sit on the street where day laborers will use it as a place to sit, eat, or take a nap on your hood. It will stay parked on the street over night…unsecured. The work quality will be suspect at best. I have another 6 months left on my warranty but I refuse to go back. I’ll probably have to pay another $2,500 to a different mechanic…never going back to Aamco. I encourage anyone to search the internet for reviews. Just be aware.

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