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AAMCO Transmissions & Total Car Care 1429 W Brandon Blvd, Brandon, FL 33511 Use EXTREME caution when using this location Brandon, FL 33511!!. To ANYONE wishing to utilize this AAMCO: Brandon Florida location, Bottom line, I blew my transmission in Ellington and drove (limped) it all the way back to Brandon. Dropped it off Friday evening and didnt hear back until tuesday (when i called them) that the transmission needed to be rebuilt. I said thats what I expected – what is the cost? I was quoted 2175.00. After making a few phone calls the transmission and labor cost didint seem to be out of line. However, the truck is older and I didint think that it was worth the cost. I had it towed to a smaller garage that would fix it for much less. The new garage had my truck for an hour and determined that the freeze valve was leaking. The transmission still needed to be repaird but it cost me nowhere close to 2175.00. I wont bash the guys at AAMCO too much but it was very un-professional like most garages. I think that the price quoted included programming the transmission (a task that takes a 1/2 hour of pushing buttons) at almost 500.00. I had a shady vibe from the get go and only confirmed that these guys are out for profit. Please seek multiple quotes and proof of damage before you use this garage! If anything make sure you get proof of the work they are saying needs to be completed. V/r Looking out for you!

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