Aarons Lease To Own Parkersburg West Virginia Review


when I first brought this computer home, it worked alright, my payments on a fixed income were over $100.00, but I work some on-line to keep me doing something. Then into the 3rd month, it started to rear it’s ugly head & reacting like a troubled child on crack…. Yes, & every month they would call claiming I need to come in & pay my bill which I already Did, I pay the first of each month & sometimes the day or 2 before. I pay on-line, I don’t drive & it is noted in my file with them & mail, well that is another issue of things getting lost or delivered to the Wrong address & being kept by who ever. I told them this thing is ready to Go! I do know alittle about the workings of machines, it used to be my life, plus I have unusal hearing- I told them the power supply sounds like it is ready to cash it in & the hard drive has been showing signs of the same. Well, no one listened. I was informed back in Dec-09 that the piece of crap I had been paying for -that I only had abit over $300.00 owed on. my payments on this pc of crap were over $100.00 a month, so seeing that- I only had about 3 months left. ok. Now I foolishly went in there in Jan-10 with that $100.00 off coupon for a new agreement item & purchased a camera-I need my head examined… I paid the $14.90 – 1st payment-got $25.00 off & the other $25.00 would be taken off of the last payment-coupon only worth $50.00 due to camera’s price-BS!!! On the worst snow,sleet & colder then a well diggers a** afternoon-Feb 26th 2010 – the crack child Died! what a surprize & right in the middle of printing a customers shipping label. I called Aarons store in Vienna & told them, they say they can’t do anything till I call HP support & get a claim # – that they no longer pick them up for repairs without HP tring to fix the problem- It’s Dead! Ok, Hp support, they have me run the dignostic tool as I had earlier with same results each time – after about almost 2 hours on the phone-the kind tech person gave me the claim #. I also explained that I can not send in this tower due to I don’t fully own it- Aarons Lease does. I call back to Vienna-gave them the # & when can they deliver my loaner. They can’t-No one there to deliver one. BS – it is now friday evening & they don’t know if they can pick up & deliver the loaner on saturday-due to weather. Great….. I get ahold of someone-we rush there, I get the loaner-which is screwy acting also. On the 1st I make my payment which on-line since I now have 2 agreements-as of Feb2010-which were suppose to be combined(another bunch of-BS) accept so much on each agreement-alittle over the 100 on crack child – but kindof high on the camera??? I get a call on Feb12th-Yep, it’s Aarons,can set your clock to that ring. I am told I have not paid & what is the problem? hmmm, really want to know? Anyway, I tell them I paid on line & what amounts the system would only take, I typed in my usual payment for crack child & it rejected it & gave me a smaller figure to pay so I did-besides this thing is almost paid off & it is Ready to Cash out – they still don’t listen, this is 14 days before she bit the big one. & for the camera it gave me a amount to pay, so I did & the guy at Aarons tells me I am not put down to make a payment on the camera yet til March – ok, fine, give me back that over $40.00 so I can by more descent food this month…. they don’t work that way—& informs me that both amounts paid went toward the camera & nothing on the computer… well, I told Aarons, that there was 1 agreement# with a payment box & then there was a second totally different agreement# with a payment box – he said he would get it straightened out – must have because their calls stopped for that month… Well, crack child dies & goes in, it is then the 1st of March – I go online & my 2 agreements are there & crack childs only wants even less this month-just over 60 bucks – I think, yep it’s paid up – But Now the camera will not show me a payment it will accept – so I am left playing the guess that price – well, it picks one of over 80! Bucks!!!! To date- Yep, Aarons calls, when are you going to come in & make your payments? I have now paid Way over a Thousand Dollars for a new computer That I Do Not Have- it is a POR-prisoner of repairs- whereabouts & info UK. I am left with a loaner- Also Paid Way over 130 Dollars for a camera that sells for under 65 bucks in stores & at Aarons leases for only 140 bucks, thats counting taxes & ect.- Now shows that I Never recieved that $50.00 off coupon & I understand a company making a profit on leasing, but this is Greedy Insainty – Man, this Blows – Getting Screwed & No Dinner Bought, not even a cheap beer.

1500 Grand Central Ave Vienna (Location-F492), West Virginia United States of America


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