Aaron’s Rent To Own Saltville Virginia Review


I bought a computer from Aaron’s two years ago. Their warranty claims to cover any repairs up to 60 days after the payoff. Fortunately, my mishap (a fried motherboard) occurred before that time period. Unfortunately, I had to deal with people who had no souls. First, my computer would be gone for up to a month. I asked about a loaner while mine was being repaired. No go. They only supply one if you are currently renting. OK, no problem. I paid another $70 to rent just a tower while mine was being repaired. nUnfortunately for me I don’t know much about computers. When I hooked my tower back up, I couldn’t get on the internet. Thinking the problem was with my provider, I called tech services. I received patient, step by step instruction in locating the source of the problem. Come to find out, the repair place forgot to reinstall my network adaptor AND my graphics card. nI returned to Aaron’s only to have insult added to injury. I was met with hostility. The manager thought I should be sympathetic to him because it cost him $300 to have my computer repaired. I quickly rebutted that I had more than 3 times that value invested in the computer and that his expense was part of his guaranty. He disagreed. He did offer to send it back to the repair place but duly noted that another $70 was required if I wanted to keep the one I had previously rented while mine was out. Not a chance! nAnyone considering Aaron’s for anything, should seriously reconsider! nKimberlynSaltville, VirginiaU.S.A.

Cummings Street Abingdon, Virginia U.S.A.

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