Aaron’s sales and lease, Orlando store manager Redding California Review


Aaron’s lease is not to be trusted. I called in to make a payment and they fraudulently ran my card and over charged me. I asked them to immediately fix it and they refused and said I needed to contact my bank. My bank talked to them on a three way conversation and again they refused and lied stating they couldn’t do anything except at the regional level. I would not do business with these people if I were you. They didn’t seem to care that the over payment would cost me hundreds of dollars in late fees. Orlando the manager didn’t care at all about this and said it would come back as a chargeback to them and I’d owe a 15 dollar penalty and the chargeback. I was fine with that because it would be taken off what was left of my loan anyways. But then he still refused. Because of them I will end up owing hundreds in late fees through my bank. Do not under any circumstances do credit with them or give them your card. If so you may find money disappearing out of your account. I will be filing a fraud complaint with my bank but we’ll see if that goes anywhere.

2981 Churn Creek Road, Redding, California United States of America


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