AB Media Publishing, LLC Review


In April I loaned Alan $535 to help cover his expenses in return for his PR services. In October he posted on facebook that he had a new job. During that span, he NEVER once posted an article, made a phone call, or did ANYTHING related to public relations on my part. I sent a message via facebook messenger offering to set up a payment plan, and the said that was feasible once the money started coming in (I suspect he is taking money from one person, and giving it to others to pay off old debts/agreements). | After him being silent and posting for other “clients” of his, I called him out on it, and 3 or 4 times he said he would do the same for me, but it never happened. | I then sent a venmo request, and he denied it. | My wife and I did our due dilligence afterward and saw multiple reports on him being a scam artist. So, hopefully with me providing his current phone and email, some people who he owes money, can directly go after him and harass him till he pays up. I’m not through with this guy yet.


Name: AB Media Publishing, LLC

Country: United States

State: California

City: Los Angeles


Phone: (805) 242-2526

Website: www.abmedia.biz/

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