Abby Monroy – West Valley City, Utah Utah


My husband and I wanted to buy a house we where introduced to Abby Monroy by a friend of ours she came highly recommended. I trusted completely in my husband so when he told he she need him to sign some papers or talk to him all the time I didn’t even second guessed it. It wasn’t until late I looked at this phone and saw messages from her that had nothing to do with the house it was all Baby I miss you baby I love you I want to have kids with you. This Sl*tty woman was sleeping with my husband of 5 years and didn’t care she knew we where looking for a house to start a family in but she didn’t care she didn’t care that we had a whole life together she saw a very nice man that had his life together and that she wanted so she toke him. About 6 months ago she got bored of him and left him for a new boy toy that she found in her second job. I guess she isn’t that great at her fist job if she needs to get another one. From what I heard and looked up he this like 23-24 boy that works with her. I heard that he was engaged to another girl and now I looked though his Facebook and it’s like he dropped her to be with this Slutty whore. She looked like a cute girl too I saw some pictures of them together before he toke them down. She a Sl*tty woman who doesn’t care who is f*cking as long as they buy her nice things she doesn’t care. My husband never got me anything from Pandora but I guess she loves that place I learned that my husband spent so much money there and I never knew. She a Slutty bitch she destroy my whole life with my husband of 5 years we had been together for 7, not only that she destroy the life of another girl that I’d probably going through hell right now. Watch of ladies!!

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