Ability Funding Group LLC Review


I was contacted by ability funding with an offer to purchase my time share in mexico. | As thier offer seemed fair, i listened to their pitch. | They sent me an offer sheet, and i accepted it. | No sooner had we started our relationship that they contacted me and said i would need a mexican attorney or as they called him a notario. | I was asked to wire $2,000 to this notario. Once i did i received a request to send more money for some purpose. With each request they told me that i would be reimbursed by the buyer. I asked to have the fee deducted from the proceeds, but they told me in mexico that the seller was required to pay the fee up front. With each request and payment there followed an additional request for payment. | Finally i requested that the transaction be cancelled as they did not seem to be able to complete the sale. This prompted another fee. After this they became increasingly hard to reach. I sent certified letters and one of the two was even return as they would not sign for it.


Name: Ability Funding Group LLC

Country: United States

State: California

City: Roswell

Address: 760 Old Roswell Road

Phone: 678-265-9191

Website: www.abilityfundinggroup.com/

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