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This is a “mystery shopping” company that promises legitimate work, but backs out if all does not go according to plan. I was approved to shop for this company and signed up for a job that paid $30 + $3 for a well-written report. I extended myself to go beyond my usual boundaries to complete the assigned shop for this company. On the day of the shop, I was sent to the wrong address. I did not turn around and go home! No, I searched out relevant information, completed the shop in the best way I could and returned home to report the results to About Face. com. I was accused of not fulfilling my obligations despite the fact that I had checked the destination of the shop three times before embarking upon it. I was told that if I arrived at the proper destination, and the sales associate I had agreed to audit was not there, even though scheduled to be, the shop would be lowered in value. All I can say is that this provision covers About Face, but not the contractual shopper, and is merely a loophole to get out of paying the shop fee if any wrong info is given. In this case, it was. I spent two hours of time and drove sixty miles to complete this shop, but because I was given totally wrong information, it was impossible for me to complete this shop as scheduled. Even though I returned home and reported all of the details immediately, About Face decided that they did not want to pay me for the services rendered. I am an MSPA certified shopper with a good reputation with a large number of companies. This type of discriminatory treatment from one company, About Face, is unacceptable and I am here to warn you of their double standards. You will be expected to obey every direction, but they will not return the same courtesy to you. Beware companies such as this who will gladly accept your work commitment and then not honor you in kind. I am very sorry to have had this most disagreeable experience with About Face. They rejected my shop, after I spent several hours on it, and excluded me from their site without notice after I made an official complaint. This only goes to show you who has the power in these situations. It is not a fair forum among Contractor and Contractee – no it is all about who has the power to shut the other one down. I’ve been shut down, but I hope you will learn from my experience and see out fair-minded companies to deal with you and those you love when contracting out to do legitimate work during these hard times we are facing. best regards, Starr

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