Abram Elijah Review


This guy came over to get an oil cahnge at my shop. He started asking how much I was paying in charge fees. I told him, and he said he works for a company that charges way cheaper. That he could save me a ton of money. He gave me a business card that shows him as Bishop Abram Elijah (Senior Pastor). He was all over the place with my information. He comes back and says in few days you will receive the machine. I said cool. I received the machine and I was up and runing that same day. The surprise came when a few days later I recived charges of $90 monthly bank card fees, I put a stop payment on it. I ask him about it he said that was wrong. All I pay is $19 a month since I bought the machine. I call the company and they say I need to pay around $90 a month and $95 a year charge for services. Even after my stop payment they still went and charged me with a different name. I am si upset with all of this. Pure scam. Beware of this guy. He is a Black Male around 5’10 200lbs mid 40s and drives a 2010 black buick or something like it. Do not get yourself in the mess I am dealing with now.


Name: Abram Elijah

Country: United States

State: Pennsylvania

City: Philadelphia

Address: 9461 Roosevelt Blvd

Phone: 757-726-3254


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