Absolute Vacation/ Grand Seas Resort East Haven Connecticut Review


My wife and I were in Daytona Beach on our annivsary May 2013. We were asked to sit thur a Vacation Club presentation at the Grand Seas Resort. After the presentation, my wife and I deceided to purchase a club membership. Which roughly costy us $4000 We started looking into a mini vacation and tried to book thur our membership. As soon as we tried, we started finding out, that we were pretty much lied to about everything in the presentation. In the presentation we were told that the CLUB has the BEST prices on flights, hotels and cruises. The exact words used were. “you will have access to exclusives prices not available to the public”” Total lie!! When you try and book a flight thru Absolute Vacation

they redirect you to Kayak.com. So you get the SAME prices as everyone else that books thru Kayak.com. So I started looking into the hotels. My wife and I wanted to go back to Daytona Beach. I checked over 2 dozens hotels

and AT best.. Absolute Vacation pricing compare to that of Hotels.com and Booking .com. Sometimes they were even a few dollars more.. so another lie. So now I tried to contact someone… What a joke!! I was told thru the Reservation Deptmant to contact the Member Service department… I called and left 3 messages and a faxed and nobody got back to me. Two weeks later

I started to research the web for any other connects. Come to find out the Member Service number that Absolute Vacation gives out is for the Grand Seas Resort. After researching the web

I found and direct email addy to the women who’s voice mail you get when you call the Membership srevice number. Her email was from the Grand Seas Resort. After I emailed her directly

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