Abu Dhabi National Oil Company [ADNOC] Review


Respected sir On our rig AD-140, All ADNOC crew gets well bonus and rig move bonus. Even roustabout also. But wr third party roustabout (naukri/SAA), We haven”t got a single bonus yet. Its been 10 months since we are complaining. No one listens. Our other rigs third party R/A gets equal bonus as ADNOC crew R/A I request you to please look into the matter. We are mere labours with AED1500 monthly salary. The management is very partial with us. This issue is on this rig only. All other rigs gives bonus to third party workers also. Please help us. Its been 10 months since we are asking for what we hav earned through our hard work and dedication. Thank you and regards On behalf of all third party roustabouts AD-140 rig.

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