Abyss by Abby


I bought a dress from Abyss by Abby for $190, it has not been worn, however I take a closer look at dress (having been put away for two months) to see it is all torn between the neckline cut. I’m very angry about this as I have paid a lot of money for this dress for my formal, which is this month, to find it is broken. I have limited money and time to find a new formal dress, I have explained to Abyss by Abby that the dress is unused however it’s broken. They replied telling me they’re not accepting my return of the dress and will not be refunded as it was supposedly in “perfect condition” before it got to me. However it completely was not as I haven’t worn it anywhere!!!!! And it was stored away properly inside a wardrobe for two months. I know they are lying and I am furious as I have paid a lot of money and they’re not doing anything to help my situation. I have explained to them I have limited time and money and that my formal is this month and they’re being rude and obnoxious!!! Extremely angry and I hope they know the power of social media as I will be letting every other girl know not to purchase from these horrible people !!!!!!

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