Acai 3X, LLC Mesa Arizona Review


On 4/21/09 I recently ordered a free trial for the Acai 3X health supplement with a charge for S.H. I entered name, address, phone, and gave number for debit card for $2.79 for S.H. nAfter I gave them this information, then there is a notice that they will automatically take out $88.00+ monthly for the product if I don’t cancel. nWhen I received the product on the 9th day, the package did not provide a packing slip with the company phone number to call, no e-mail address, no information whatsoever to be able to contact them. Now I am stuck with them sending me a product I want to cancel. I even looked at the website and nothing there aslo. nI was lucky enough to obtain this support email ([email protected]) from a online agent. I also noticed that Acai 3X has automatically taken out $88.00 from my account. nI have requested that Acai cancel my membership and refund my $88.00, but am waiting for their response. nIt is a breach of contract for a company to have a cancellation clause but not provide the contact informtion for resolution. I have also contacted my bank regarding this also. nBuyer beware of this company! nEddynMesa, ArizonaU.S.A.

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