AcaiBerry Reno Nevada Review


We somehow connected to a web site that was made to look like it originated with “Consumer Reports”” ( The site claimed they did an independent study of both AcaiBerry and ColonCleanse and the reporter lost a significant amount of weight. They also had testimonials on the site claiming similar results. They advertise a “”free”” trial for $3.95 for each product and in the fine print state that you have 14 days to cancel or your card will be charged a “”subscription”” fee of $150 (for each product) and then you recieve monthly shipments of each product for $12.95 + S&H each. The product doesn’t show up for about 7-9 days so you really have no idea regarding its eficacy. We decided to cancel just after recieving the products. We had written down the phone numbers to call

which were embedded in the fine print. Not surprisingly

it was VERY difficult to cancel. Both my wife and I had signed up

so we both needed to cancel and when we called they told both of us that their computers were running slow and we needed to call back. We persisted and both recieved cancellation numbers on all four orders (we both ordered each product). My wife’s credit card was just charged the subscription fee (10 days later) even though she had cancelled

so she called them and got the run around about it from the company. They gave her an e-mail address to write to. I advised her to just dispute the charge with the bank which should ultimately resolve the problem. The bank advised her to cancel her credit card and get a new one

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