Acaipure – Centralcoastalnutra – Lifestyle Program Membership Kempton Indiana Review


Approximately 6 weeks ago I ordered a free trial of Acaipure, when the shipment arrived there were several other products which I had not ordered enclosed and charges listed for those various products. The total charges were the approximate amount that a standard order nwould be according to the price list I had seen. At that point I made the decision to not dispute the charges, I assumed there was some fine print saying that you had to jbe standing on your head while placing the order that I may have missed or that they would claim I had missed nand wrote it off as a company I would not do business with again. Tonight. however, I received a second shipment along with an invoice saying that I am enrolled in a “lifestyles program”” – basically

I have recentlty enrolled in a “”sick of being taken advantage of program”” so I decided to give them a call and demand that the most recent charges be refunded – I knew when the recording said the wait time would be approximately 35 minutes at the toll free number that I had been had. The customer service list of frequently asked questions and the letters from other consumers confirmed that fact. nI did send an e-mail to the company to be removed from the “”membership”” program

and I will contact my credit card company and dispute the ncharges. nJanisnKempton


12399 Belcher Road South,Suite 140 Largo, Florida U.S.A.

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