Access Capital Funding Group LLC Complaint


Access Capital Funding Group has defrauded my family and others. Be very wary of Access Capital Funding Group. In search of business credit – never work with these guys! They promised to clear our personal credit reports and obtain a minimum of $50, 000 in business credit. Neither has gotten accomplished. We counted on their success – and held off on pursuing any other credit for our business so as not to disrupt the credit clearing process (as they recommended) We only had a few months of current financing remaining – which has now been depleted with no new financing from ACFG! Not only did they get new ‘Negative’ additions to our credit reports, but now we are in a real jam and getting late payments reported because we put all our eggs in their basket and have no new financing. Access Capital Funding Group ripped us off badly. So they caused our personal credit to go down by about 80 points from the low 600’s (and rising) to mid 500’s (and going down) – the result – no creditors will talk to us, and we continue to get further in the hole every month. Access Capital Funding Group has destroyed two years of positive progress we made on our own, to our credit. We may loose our house and have many years ahead of rebuilding to go through. I’ve read the other complaints on Access Capital Funding Group and all are very familiar stories. On the credit clearing effort – my wife had numerous discussions with them and we were told that they had a guy that had been in the credit report business (maybe Experion or other) and he had a ‘secret’ method to clearing credit. It was so ‘Secret’ that no one else in the entire company was allowed to know about it. So of course we asked if it was the standard dispute process but time and time again we were told that its not the standard dispute process, but a secret process that only this one person knew. Interviewing this one person was not allowed. When we got our final credit report updates – all reported the results of what is the standard dispute process. – and all had a much lower score than when we started. We initially got them to agree to split the payment over three months and have not paid all of them. I’d have gladly paid if they had done anything positive at all – but now I’m not paying. So they have reported us to Monterey Financial collections and I suspect it will only get worse from here. Someone should through these crooks in jail. They’ve taken money from many, which is bad enough. But for us they’ve taken many years of a decent life from us. I can’t even begin to explain the pain we feel every night thinking that we’ve been destroyed by their scam.

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