Accredited Financial Services sent me a package in which they said in writing and I quote: “At such time Accredited Financial has received the first payment, Accredited Financial will commence the Service. Accredited Financial will advise Client of all god faith offers made by creditors and debt collectors, and of their acceptance of any offers made by Accredited Financial. Accredited Financial will not settle any account without the approval of client, who has absolute discretion to accept or reject any setllement offer. We can only settle a debt once the full funds are available in your settlement account” They drafted in succession $300.00 (06/23/08), $300.00 (07/23/08) and $271.48 (08/25/08) and they never contacted the creditors. As a result, I sent them an E-Mail on 09/17/2008 to let them know that I cancel my account and to not submit any more drafts to my bank because I was removing my funds from the bank. Furthermore, I told them that I did not want to pay for not sufficient funds. They went ahead and submitted a draft that costme $35.00 for over dradt and $10.00 for service charge. I called Ian Hurt and he asked me to FAX a copy of the bank statement and I dis. He also to me that I had refund of $168.00 coming. I have sent numerous FAXES to them withhout result. I expect that they will refunf $168.oo plus the $45.00 they cost me for insufficient funds in the bank.

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