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Rude Service

My advisor at Accretive Wealth Partners is very rude. I donít like how they talk to me during meetings. They seem very pretentious and I donít like such behaviour. I donít think anyone likes pretentious behaviour. Because of that, I donít like working with them. Others at this firm are quite bright and impressive. However, the financial advisor Iím currently working with is not like the others. They seem to be very rude and pretentious. 

I donít recommend the services of Accretive Wealth Partners. In my experience, I have found their advisors to be very rude and pretentious. The advisors at this firm donít give genuine advice to their clients. You should avoid working with such a selfish bunch of people.

Itís obvious to me that my financial advisor at Accretive Wealth Partners doesnít have my best interests at heart. They are too busy concerned about their firmís benefits rather than their clientís benefits. It is very disappointing because a financial planner is someone you trust and when they behave rudely, you canít trust them as much.

I donít recommend doing business with this investment advisor. 

To be honest here, I didnít expect such rude service from Accretive Wealth Partners. I thought they would provide me with proper client service. By excellent client service, I mean they would listen to me properly during meetings and would put effort into helping me make financial decisions. However the advisors at this firm donít behave like this. Instead of caring about their clients, my advisor cares about themselves. It shouldnít be like that. 

In my opinion, itís best to work with a smaller financial firm. I know people who work with smaller financial firms and they never encountered this issue. It seems to me that as a financial advisory firm gets bigger, its focus on client service deteriorates in quality. Thatís certainly not a good thing but I guess it canít be helped. If I hadnít discovered this fact, I wouldnít have realised how terrible service I was getting from these guys. 

When I had initially started working with this financial advisor, I had no idea how financial advisors behave with clients. Like I shared before, I was under the impression that they would provide me with great service. However, I was mistaken. My financial planner at this firm has no sense of respect for me as a client. They donít give me genuine recommendations and are very pretentious in behaviour. I can sense when someone is acting genuine or not. And whenever they talk to me, I realise that they arenít talking genuinely. Itís not a good sign. 

I believe people should share honest reviews about such service providers. Itís rare to find a review on wealth managers and financial advisors. I just hope this review will help someone in making a better-informed decision regarding Accretive Wealth Partners. 

I have tried to share my complaint with them before. However, it didnít have an effect on them. Thatís why I donít think it would be worth it to share my complaint with them again. Itís a big reason why I have chosen to write a review on this platform. It allowed me to post anonymously so I donít have to worry about my privacy. I can share my honest opinion without any worries.

Accretive Wealth Partners Review: Conclusion

Accretive Wealth Partners is among the worst service providers out there. My experience with this firm has been very painful. I donít think anyone should do business with this financial advisory firm. 

My financial advisor at this firm doesnít seem to care about me. No, instead of giving me genuinely helpful advice, they give me selfish recommendations. Itís obvious from their behaviour that they have no respect for their clients. I believe itís very horrible that a financial advisory firm treats its clients like this. Thatís why I chose to add a review on them. 

You should choose a firm thatís smaller in size and whose advisors actually care about their clients. 

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