Accurate Transmission, Authorized Transmission, ETX Transmission


I wanted to say that this company has been bought by ETX transmissions. I purchased one of their transmissions through Auto Zone, who was happy to take my money, but just couldn’t do anything about the quality of product they provided me with. First transmission came to us broken. Didnt work from the get-go. wouldn’t shift into OD. Sent it back. ETX Agreed that they sent me a faulty transmission. sent another. This one works, knock on wood, but about the cost and time of mechanics fee. they don’t want to pay nearly what it cost me (which was VERY reasonable- 340.oo. That included taxes and all the tranmission fluid wasted etc..). Said could only provide me with $140 as my warranty states. 2 months of calling once a week they went to $230.00. Great, lets have it. Call once a week and get every excuse in the book. Cant send a check til we get the mechanics report back, checks aren’t sent til the 30th of the month, blah blah. 4 MONTHS later, still waiting, but luckily I get to call back next friday and speak with another person “who will know what is going on” Stay away from this company and any of its affiliates. They cannot rebuild a transmission with any degree of competence. As far as Auto Zone…I got a months worth of back and forth “this is the company’s problem, it falls under their warranty” to “it is Auto Zone because the sold the product to me- broken” If you must buy anything with a warranty from Auto Zone, demand that you get a copy of it before you cough up the cash. Also ask them about the company because I was told after the fact that they have had trouble with ETX before. Good to know. Meg Lucky, OhioU.S.A.

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