Accurate Transmission


Accurate Transmission Accurate Transmission Angleton; DBA COREY HOPKINS scammed stole thief fraud liar Corey Hopkins Accurate Transmission Angleton Angleton Texas!!. We brought two vehicles here. My boyfriend brought his car in that supposedly needed the engine replaced. He ended up paying $4,100 for an engine replaced. He was told he could either fix the existing transmission for around $5,600 or replace it with a used engine for $4,100. After a month, we got the car back. Drove it off the lot and had the Check Engine light come on. He took it back and the owner Cory Hopkins told us that he needed to drive it around to break it in a bit. A month later, the light was still on so he brought it back. He ended up bringing it in another two times paying $350 every time. Throughout the entire time, the vehicle was driving very rough. My boyfriend brought the car back once last to get it checked out. The owner returned it and said he had fixed some leaks. It was still riding rough. He called the shop to ask about it and they told him they forgot to change the oil.My boyfriend went to get the oil changed THE SAME DAY HE GOT IT BACK where they told him the oil smelled like gas and was milky. She said she had never seen anything like that. It was changed out. It was Friday evening so we couldn’t take it back to Accurate. On Saturday, while driving it, it overheated. We got it home, had a friend mechanic tell us the engine had water in it. We took it back to Accurate on Monday, they told us they would contact where we got the engine and see if there was anything that could be done. They came back and said the people he got the engine from would not help us out. So we brought the car back home. We had the mechanic friend take another look and we began telling him about our engine replacement. He told us “hold on, this engine has never been replaced”. We didn’t believe him. We got another mechanic who told us the same thing and said we might be able to find the VIN number on the engine block. Well, we stuck a camera and recorded back there and low and behold we found the VIN – the SAME VIN of my car. The engine was never replaced. When confronted, Cory tried to lie about it and would not admit it. We filed in court against him to sue for around $7,000 for all of the crap we had to go through, the rentals, the time and money lost and work lost due to their fraud. At our court date, Corey did not show up. We automatically won. But, of course, they have not paid us nor do I expect them to. THe judge mentioned there have been numerous people sue this company and nobody is able to get a dime from them. As for my car, it was in the shop throughout the time my boyfriend’s was going back and forth with his car coming in and out. My transmission was rebuilt by them. As soon as I left, I got the Check Engine light. I came back and they told me my computer was bad and that I needed it replaced. When I was picking my car up, the battery had died. This is common in many of the other negative reviews I have read about this place. He took a month “looking” for a computer. He finally got one. For some reason, when I got my car back, certain lights dimmed out on my radio display. I dismissed it until I saw other people posting the same thing. I am not sure what they did to it. Then began the many back and forths with this place. I had lights coming on that were “fixed” by “tweaks” they did, leaks, my car shifting roughly or crazy, etc. When I went to get my oil changed, they told me I had no tranny fluid or the dipstick was not meant for my car. I took it to them to ask them to check it and they just told me “if your car is moving, it has fluid”. I came back a week later because my tranny had been leaking fluid so it was obviously low. A friend who is a mechanic told me my tranny was leaking from a certain spot. I took it back to Accurate and told them and told them to fix it. They supposedly did. I took it home and woke up to a bigger puddle. Asked the friend mechanic of ours to look at it, he told me it was leaking from the same exact place. I took it back to Accurate, they “fixed” it again. It began leaking a day later AGAIN. This was my last time there. I instead decided to take it to a REAL mechanic that knows what he is doing. These people are scam artists. Do not trust them. Do not come here. I promise you, you will only be creating more problems than the ones you go in there with ALSO, all of the reviews listed on their yellowpages page is FAMILY/FRIENDS! Cory Gamble is a worker there. Don’t trust this company. Find somewhere else for any repairs you need.

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