Ace Appliance Southington CT Southington Connecticut Review


We called Ace appliance to repair our washer. I told them exactly what the problem was over the phone and asked if they needed the model number. They said no and would be out the next day. The repair man showed up and without removing the unit diagnosed the problem in 5 minutes and said we owed a $125.00 min service diagnosis charge. This was never conveyed to me over othe phone or before he started. There would then be another service charge to come out and repair the unit. I called Sears appliance repair and they said there was a $60 diagnosis charge if you opted not to do the repair, and they would repair the unit upon diagnosis on the first call. I called to complain and the person that answered the phone admitted this was a problem in the past with people being mad about the diagnosis charge and he said I didn’t ask. If it is a problem they have had, they should disclose this up front if they are not trying to rip people off. I want they to refund my money for the rip off scam they call repair diagnosis. They said they could fix it right then when I called on the phone.

69 W Main Street, Plantsville CT 06479 Southington, Connecticut USA



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