ace cash express Plano Texas Review


These people claimed to be ace cash express but really were not. I asked for a loan and paid 810 dollars up front. I talked to a man named “Frank Anderson”” store manager and he sent me to his department manager “”Eddie Smith”” and Eddie Smith sent me to “”David Becker”” and the cycle just continued then right i thought i was finished they told me i would have to pay 349 dollars for my credit card bill or i will go to jail. When i told him i paid every penny i had he then told me he would purchase a green dot moneypak card for 149 and i would have to pay the rest. He called me 2 minutes later saying he bought one from walmart and thats when i felt dumb because i knew then that it was a scam because noone moves that fast. So now im out 810 dollars and i have brought a friend down with me because he helped me with paying these ripoff artists.”

108 Commece Street San Antonio , Texas USA



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